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Employee Spotlight: Sarah Walker-Casale, Executive Assistant, San Diego Office

Sarah Walker-Casale has worked at Pro Back Office for a little over two years. Recently, she volunteered at the Vista Christian Elementary Annual Jog-A-Thon, where she helped support her community and have fun with her kids. Participating in events like this is encouraged by PBO and promoted through the employee rewards program--employees are given 8 paid hours a year to volunteer their time at a charity of their choice.

Job Responsibilities as an Executive Assistant

I manage the schedules for Jennifer Barnes and the PBO conference rooms. I assist with Salesforce data entry, manage all quarterly meetings, handle any executive meetings that take place at PBO offices: refreshments, set up, clean up etc. I recently took over our employee rewards program.

What Led Sarah to Pro Back Office?

I’ve known Jennifer for about 9 years and worked with her at another company before PBO. It’s been exciting to see how she has built her own business and succeed as a President/CEO. She has always been someone I looked up to because she is such a go-getter, confident in her skin, and doesn’t back down from a challenge. When she called me about becoming her assistant, I jumped at the opportunity.

What is Your Favorite Part of Working for PBO?

I get to do a variety of different things and some things I’ve never done before in my work experience. Being able to successfully complete those tasks makes me proud of myself. Having the opportunity to work for a company that challenges you, yet completely supports and encourages you, is so refreshing.

What Motivates You?

My kids. They are my reason for getting up every day and [be the best person] I can be. I want to make sure they have a good example of what strength, confidence, and hard work is. I am most excited about days that I get to spend with them; whether we’re walking on the beach, jumping on our trampoline, or taking a drive to find a new adventure.

Any Interesting Stories About Your Background?

I’ve lived all over California. I was born and partially raised in San Diego but finished junior high and high school in Northern California. I’ve probably driven the entire state more than 20 times in my life. I now have an annual summer tradition of camping in the Redwoods with my kids. We leave in June, they’re so excited.

Any personal or professional goals that you would like to share with readers?

I would like to one day go to cosmetology school to become a hairdresser. My dream has always been to have a salon out of my home where women can come, feel comfortable, socialize, and leave feeling fabulous.

Favorite Quote, Motto, or Personal Mantra

Live, Laugh, Love


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