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Employee Spotlight: Shannon Massena, HR/Accounting Consultant

Based out of the Phoenix, Arizona office, Shannon Massena takes full advantage of the rustic Arizona lifestyle and spends her time camping, fishing, and horseback riding all over Arizona.

When Pro Back Office opened the Arizona office, it was the perfect opportunity for Shannon. She was looking for a new opportunity to share her 20+ years of HR and Finance experience with growing businesses. Working at PBO enabled her to work with a company that offered flexibility, great benefits, kind people and one who was making a positive impact.

Prior to joining PBO, Shannon served as the Director of HR and Finance at Global Tranz, a technology-based software and logistics company.  Shannon was instrumental in managing the growth from a small family run business to the 13th largest company in Arizona. The CFO had brought in an out of town consultant, Jennifer Barnes (now President/Co-Founder of Pro Back Office) to establish GAAP Accounting standards, transition them from Netsuite to Mas500, manage their annual audit, and assist the CFO with establishing processes and procedures. As the interim Director of Accounting, Shannon worked closely with Jennifer and they got along well. Six years later, Shannon reached out to Jennifer, who hired her immediately. Jennifer said, “I was so excited that we could hire someone like Shannon to our Arizona team. Shannon is an asset to any company and we are fortunate to have her.”

With her expertise in HR and Finance, Shannon assists with recruiting as well as servicing several clients with their HR and Accounting needs. Most recently, Shannon was working with a PBO client to improve their recruiting strategies. The client did not have an HR department or anyone on staff trained in recruiting.  “I feel very privileged to offer my resources and expertise to help our client attract qualified candidates", said Shannon. "The client is a great organization that cares about its employees, and their team needed assistance in sourcing candidates and marketing the company culture to be attractive to candidates."

Shannon continued, “I love to help mentor employees to reach their potential and seeing how the company benefits as well as the employees. Being able to provide assistance to help our clients grow and provide a living for others is very fulfilling. Helping employers successfully reach their goals is a passion not a job.”  

Shannon’s love of the historic Arizona can be traced back to her childhood where she grew up in an old 1800s schoolhouse. The brass bell from her childhood home is still in use on her current farm. She enjoys riding the Arizona trail with her horses and fishing with her son (who gets to feed the leftovers to his chickens).

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