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Happy Thanksgiving From Your Friends At Pro Back Office!

Written by Jennifer Barnes, Co-founder & President, Pro Back Office

Synergy. If you don’t mesh with your partner almost instantly, there is the likelihood that you never will. You may grow on one another and learn to work well over the years, but there is definitely something to be said about liking each other from the beginning.

Being in any long-term relationship takes work and you will have ups and downs. The goal is to have more ups than downs. Finding someone you genuinely "like" and have synergy with is crucial. This is especially important in a business relationship where millions of dollars are concerned. Business breakups can be complicated, and the livelihood of your company and its employees are at stake.

Being able to communicate effectively will keep you strong for years to come. A successful business relationship needs trust, loyalty, respect and the ability to compromise. You also need to truly understand where one another is coming from. More specifically, you have to be open-minded and receptive to change, and respectful of your partner’s point of view.

As an example, I co-founded Pro Back Office with a partner who is 21 years older than I am and of the opposite gender. In many ways our personalities are similar. We both love people, value relationships, are likeable, kind and overall have a sense of purpose. We also have an authenticity about us that allows us to work together even when we may not be on the same page.

One thing that my partner, Mike, and I are opposite on is spending money and risk adversity. We took a Disc Assessment that measured who we are and what our differences are. On a C scale, I’m a 10 and Mike is a 70+. I have a high sense of urgency and more willing to take risks. Mike likes to take his time and evaluate all angles of a situation before moving forward. Knowing what each other’s differences are and what motivates one another is important. Turns out, what we learned from the assessment helped us to understand how much we balance one another and it helped us to strengthen our partnership.

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Jennifer Barnes
Pro Back Office CEO and Co-founder
Jennifer has a MBA from SDSU, an undergraduate degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Arizona, a degree in Accounting from Liberty University and completed the Becker CPA courses. Through a couple consulting firms, Jennifer acted as the Controller at numerous companies in Arizona, San Diego and Orange County. She also held the position of Director of Finance and Accounting at many well-known non-profits throughout San Diego County. Jennifer sits on numerous boards and councils, including The Better Business Bureau, The Business Executives Council, The San Diego Food Banks Leadership Council, The MIT Wine Social Committee, and Junior Achievements Young Executives Board. She is a member of both Vistage International and Sage Executive Group.
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