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Important Dates To Remember For 2016

1/15/16 - 2015 fourth quarter estimated tax payments due

2/2/16 - W-2s & 1099s are due to your vendors and staff

2/29/16 - 1099s are due to the IRS

3/15/16 - Business tax returns are due

4/15/16 - The individual tax return and extension deadline

For electronic filing, you can visit this web site, www.track1099.com.  They provide the ability to e-file many forms, including Form 1099-misc.  The cost for a small volume is generally the same as paper forms, for a really small volume this tends to be less expensive, either way, quite efficient to use. Also, review the following IN ORDER TO DO 1099s:

  • W-9s are on file and signed for contractors/consultants receiving >$600 in non-employee compensation
  • Review vendors in QuickBooks to make sure they’re set up as 1099 vendors
  • Review the expense accounts being charged by those vendors to ensure they are mapped as a 1099 expense account.

Don’t’ wait until the last minute. If you need our help closing the books or doing your 1099s, don’t hesitate to ask.

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