PBO’s client base covers many industries including: manufacturing, construction and development, real estate, food and beverage, medical device and life science, professional services, healthcare, technology and software.   We’re proud to serve the start-up, private, public, government and non-profit sectors.  Meet some of our delighted clients:

Gaston and Gaston, APLC

Our company has been using Pro Back Office for almost a year now. We are always pleased with the work product and attention to detail. Worth every penny.

Jennifer Gaston
Financial Manager
San Diego Company

In a matter of months, our amazing partners at ProBack have helped us sort out a number of issues and have taken our human resources, bookkeeping and accounting practices to the next level. I am constantly pleased with their support, consistency, and attention to even the finest details and look forward to continuing to work with them as we keep growing. Thank you to the truly awesome team at ProBack and especially to Jena, Ashley, Diane and Jarrod who have each specifically assisted us every step of the way!

Jamie Ramsay
Business Owner
Legacy Commercial Management

Things are going fantastic! Proback has reduced my accounting stress level from 100 to a mere 50 and I owe it all to your staff. Jeanelle and Lindsay are true assets to your organization and I truly appreciate their responsiveness and professionalism.

Bobby M. Israel, CPM

Pro Back Office assisted our company in reviewing and updating specific areas of our accounting records spanning a 7 year period from the inception of the organization in preparation for a financial audit. The project was complicated because we have a multi-entity consolidation structure and had poor documentation of highly technical equity transactions. Through PBO’s persistence, digging through records, repeated interviews with personnel, revisiting transactions because of the discovery of new information and some assistance from me as I join the organization in the last month of their engagement, PBO brought our records up to speed in a four month period allowing us to prepare for an initial audit examination. They were professional, flexible and provided tremendous assistance in helping us reach this milestone.

Vice President/Controller
Million Dollar Flips

Christine made sure that Pro Back Office was able to come in and bring order to our financial information quickly and efficiently. Our PBO accounting manager, Kathie was proactive in all facets of our business, making valuable suggestions, preventing on-going errors, and developing of Key Performance Indicators. PBO worked with our outside accountants and vendors to make sure our records were accurate and up to date. Through Kathie's guidance, we now have accurate accounting records that are streamlined. I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you Christine for delivering exactly what was promised!

Frank DiMaggio
Hollands Custom Cabinets

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how happy we are with both James and Galen. James always has the best attitude, is eager to work and just enjoyable to have around the office. He continues to provide new ideas and more efficient ways to conduct business. Galen is a valuable team member. We have been working with Galen since the beginning of outsourced accounting. He provides great input, observations and suggestions. We are lucky to have him. Thank you for putting a great team together for us.

Jed Richard
Epicentrx, Inc.

When forming our start-up biotech company, we knew we needed an accountant with expertise in taxes, but also needed to keep our costs proportional to our staff load. Pro Back Office provided us with Edna, a phenomenal accounting manager/controller, who was able to adjust her time to our varying needs as determined by tax prep, license agreements, and account cleanup. As our company grew and merged into a small biotech, we never doubted Edna’s ability to grow with us. Edna audited our parent company’s records from the past 3 years, spearheaded tax filings and amendments, and is critical in our preparations for major growth in the near future. We have also utilized PBO’s HR services to develop our employee policies handbook and arrange employee trainings (sexual harassment, FMLA, disability, etc). Pro Back Office has been an ideal partner to provide us with critical financial and human resources based on our changing needs. We consider Edna an integral member of our financial team and company and would be lost without her.

Meaghan Stirn
Simply Biotech

PBO Rocks! We are huge fans of their work and the assistance they have provided us for the past several years. They have helped at all levels and were instrumental in creating a budget and accrual accounting process. They have helped cover leaves of absence and provide fractional CFO work. These folks are excellent!

Travis Medley
Financial Database Services

I want to thank you for your responsiveness to my requests for help. You interpret my cryptic requests and always deliver what I need ... when I need it. It is great to see you when you are in the office ... I appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement. Jennifer, She is a real asset to ProBack ... oh ya, we love Michael too.

Eddie Hillard
No Place Like Home Care

Selecting and working with Pro Back Office has been the smartest decision I have made in the past 4 years. The Pro Back Office team delivered a balance sheet in 30 days! This is important because I had previously contracted with 'other' professionals to help me with my financials and after 3 years I still did not have a P&L. I rate PBO highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value and punctuality. Thank you Christine, Vida and Patt!

Denise Jones
Squaretree Software

Christine is a pleasure to work with. She brings a team of accounting and book keeping professionals. The team model works really well for a small company like mine that can't afford a full time bookkeeper but need a bookkeeper, accountant and very infrequently controller-level people when we need them. Christine coordinates that really well with the team of Pro Back Office supporting her.

Bill Pennock
Founder & CEO

Pro Back Office has served us for over two years by providing a fractional CFO, Greg Leiser, that has contributed to our growth and success as an integrated member of our senior leadership team. Our revenue has since grown more than 60%, and our bottom line is now at an industry best-in-class number. Greg has contributed to both the strategy, the execution and the results of our financial plan, and I consider him a member of our executive team. We have since oursourced our HR to Pro Back Office as well, and I look forward to resetting what best in class means for our industry with their help.

Eric Rockwell
Mute Six

Pro Back Office is our company's go-to resource for all our accounting needs. Whether you're operating a small or mid-sized business, Pro Back Office's staff is knowledgeable, effective, and truly cares for their client's needs.

Daniel Rutber
Chief Operating Officer
Resounding Joy

What Pro Back Office does for a small non-profit like Resounding Joy is give us access to a tiered-level of expertise, from bookkeeping, HR and CFO support, that we otherwise would not be able to afford. Pro Back Office makes sure we understand the latest employee laws and benefit, track and manage our accounting, and help us with budgeting. Most of all their services allow us to take better care of our staff and focus on the individuals and communities we serve.

Barbara Reuer
Vistage International

As a Vistage Chair I work with small business owners and CEOs who often have poor financial reporting available to them. Every person I've referred to Jennifer has raved about her company and the job they do. This makes my job of coaching the CEOs much easier.

Rick Itzkowich

"The Pro Back Office team has been a great go-to team to help my communications agency in a time of explosive growth. From the bookkeeping work to the higher level roles, which have helped me create forecasts and projections, I now have a better handle on fiscal structure and strategy. Also, the Pro Back Office partners have gone above and beyond to take the time to advise me and connect me to valuable resources within San Diego."

Eric Doyne
Del Toro Loan Servicing, Inc.

“We've worked with several different accounting firms and it has been a gut wrenching, horrible experience over the last 10 years. Then we met Pro Back Office. What stands out the most about PBO is how they handle issues or conflict. They respond immediately, listen, and take care of it. They are killer to work with and I would highly recommend them. The PBO team is stellar!”

Drew Louis
San Diego Model Railroad Musuem

"Jennifer Barnes and her staff have been fantastic to work with. Jennifer's dedication to the SDMRM's finances and her personal attention to the Board of Directors questions about the museum's accounting has allowed us greater focus on furthering our museum's mission."

Anthony Ridenhour
Executive Director
West Public Relations

"Pro Back Office is the most valuable partner we have. In addition to making our lives easier, freeing up our time to focus on revenue-generating activities, saving us thousands of dollars and actually finding money we had overlooked, they've been there for us to lean on through some pretty hairy situations. Jennifer Barnes is a trusted advisor and I appreciate the entire Pro Back Office team on both a professional and personal level."

Mia West
Alp-n-Rock, LLC

"Greg Leiser from Proback Office has been instrumental in getting us through a seasonal cash crunch and setting up the financial disciplines to run a profitable business. He is professional, straightforward and always a pleasure to work with. Greg learned about our industry quickly and has mentored my team in many different areas from preparing budgets and sales forecasts, to production planning and warehouse procedures. Proback Office offers businesses the expertise they need at a price they can afford. I would highly recommend Proback and Greg Leiser to any CEO looking for top notch financial, accounting and strategic support."

Susanne Reich CEO
Results Driven Marketing

"Pro Back Office is a super awesome accounting firm that helped create a tight end to all of my financial statements. Their bookkeeping services are outstanding for any small business; they took a number of activities off my back so that I could focus on moving the ball forward in my company by making more sales, and hiring more salespeople."

John Crestani

"Pro Back Office has been a great resource for our accounting and finance needs in 2014 and 2015. The team is professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The integration with full time staff is excellent."

Mark Gannuscio
SCST Engineering

"Pro Back Office was engaged with our organization for several months until a permanent Director of Finance could be hired. They helped us manage our financial reporting requirements during this time of reorganization, including bank reporting, operational reporting and end of year report to our CPA firm. As a consultant, his schedule was always flexible and he was always available. He was a pleasure to work and his positive attitude was pleasurable during challenging times."

Bill Ulmer
Gerson & Associates

"We are an "C" level direct marketing consultant firm who has been working with the Pro Back Office team at one of our major start-up clients. Their professionalism, teamwork, work ethic and commitment are outstanding. We are looking forward to working with them in the future and would definitely recommend Pro Back Office to any company."

Randy Gerson & Chris d'Eon
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