Employee Spotlight: Alex Johnson

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This month, we shine our PBO employee spotlight on Alex Johnson (and his pup, Bojack).  Alex is a staff accountant who has been part of the team for one year and his contributions are already felt by the clients he works with.

Alex’s responsibilities vary depending upon what each individual client needs, and it is the variety of his job that he enjoys. According to Alex:

“Every day is a bit different—both in terms of location and the work itself. I also love the flexibility and that my work is interesting.”

Alex thrives on the daily opportunities to grow professionally and personally, working with a variety of people both on the PBO team and clients across a wide range of diversity.

Alex is currently going through the process of becoming a CPA, with only one exam left to take.

Originally from Cincinnati (and a firm supporter of the Reds), Alex is an avid explorer and athlete. Back home, Alex rowed crew, kayaked, and hiked six months out of the year. Since coming to San Diego, he enjoys the beach. His passion for travel has led him to Northern Italy with trips to Spain and Germany still on the horizon.