Employee Spotlight: Kevin Driscoll

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This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our most dedicated professionals, Kevin Driscoll. Kevin has been with Pro Back Office for about one and a half years, during which time he has become a versatile member of the team. Kevin is a CPA and is currently a Senior Accounting Manager involved in several different functions including outsourced accounting, governance risk and compliance, and does some consulting/advisory work as well.

Kevin’s motivation stems from his desire to help clients maintain healthy financial records. He takes pride in his ability to assist clients by taking the pressure off them. He achieves this goal by improving financial reporting thus allowing business owners to gain a better understanding of performance and ultimately use that information to run their business more efficiently. He enjoys the opportunity PBO provides to work with different clients on varying projects, constantly pushing him to learn new skills which can then be applied to future projects.   

While working for a Big 4 firm, Kevin was introduced to Mike Ford through a mutual contact. After speaking with Mike about PBO, he was convinced that this would be a great career move. He was excited about the potential of PBO and the possibility to work for a company that provided its employees with both career development opportunities and a healthy work-life balance.  

Outside of work, you’ll find Kevin, well, outside. He enjoys outdoor activities including camping, fishing and sailing. He has a Hobie Cat which he’ll take out to Mission Bay on nice days or try to escape to the Sierra Nevada’s if the opportunity presents itself. He is an avid basketball and football fan and has recently tried his hand at tennis and golf. 

Kevin aspires to continue working on a variety of clients and projects in order to further expand his skillset. By staying disciplined, he’s able to efficiently complete all his responsibilities in a timely manner thereby allowing him to maintain the healthy work-life balance he currently enjoys. 

In other exciting news, Kevin will be married in August this year and will be honeymooning in Antigua! Congrats Kevin!