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What Pro Back Office does for a small non-profit like Resounding Joy is give us access to a tiered-level of expertise, from bookkeeping, HR and CFO support, that we otherwise would not be able to afford. Pro Back Office makes sure we understand the latest employee laws and benefit, track and manage our accounting, and help us with budgeting. Most of all their services allow us to take better care of our staff and focus on the individuals and communities we serve.

Resounding Joy

Barbara Reuer

Governance, Risk and Compliance

PBO helps clients understand and address financial and business risks. The PBO GRC team of professionals know regulatory, risk and compliance issues. We provide our clients with a deeper understanding of risk as well as business insights that enhance performance down the road.  As an extension of your team, PBO executes what’s required to achieve compliance and mitigate risks that hinder your organization’s operations or ability to be competitive in your market.  PBO does this by providing experienced risk consultants with proven  tools and methodologies that support the establishment of a strong tone at the top and effective internal controls.  Some of the many services offered by our GRC team include:

PBO provides fraud and forensic accounting to help our clients identify potential fraud committed inside their organization. PBO seasoned accountants and internal audit team responds to allegations involving asset misappropriation such as cash theft, fraudulent disbursements, inventory fraud and misuse of assets, as well as financial statement fraud.

PBO helps companies set up or improve their corporate governance structure. We establish supporting policies and processes that scale as your business grows. Such standards guide the organization’s behaviors, activities and decisions, including code of conduct and ethics, board and committee charters, whistleblower compliance and others that assist in ethical management of your company.

PBO provides independent, objective assurance and internal control advisory services designed to add value and improve client’s business, information technology and financial operations and to mitigate overall business and financial risk. We can provide you with resources to staff your audits on an ongoing basis. We can act as an outsourced partner of your internal audit practice or provide strategic assistance as your team requires additional support.

PBO’s dedicated SOX professionals bring up-to-date, field tested tools and methodologies to your business and provide you with an efficient and cost-effective assessment of your internal control environment. Our team members are experts in planning, risk assessment, control design evaluation and control effectiveness testing. Our collaborative approach provides you with value-added remediation and business process recommendations leading to a fresh perspective about your internal controls and your business. We leverage our relationships with external auditors to help them rely on our work. They know and trust our approach which reduces their workload and usually their audit fees. Our approach is scalable, so whether you are a pre-IPO company or a major public company we can serve as your outsourced SOX team or we can complement and augment your internal audit team by providing you with competent, trained, experience resources.

PBO’s internal audit team assists CPA firms by performing an examination of service organizations’ controls and processes. PBO’s brings CPA, CITP, and CISA resources to provide finance, auditing and IT support in preparing and providing System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports.