Philanthropic Spotlight: Nature and Culture International

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At PBO, one of our areas of specialization is working with non-profits and we enjoy sharing their incredible stories with our clients and friends. One such non-profit is Nature and Culture International, which protects critical lands in Latin America, the heart of our planet’s greatest natural and cultural diversity.

With 40% of the world’s plant and animal species, Latin America is home to spectacular natural treasures, from the thriving waters of Mexico’s Gulf to complex cloud forests in the Andes and tropical rainforests in the Amazon. The region holds 31% of the world’s freshwater resources, contains major carbon sinks that mitigate climate change, and is home to hundreds of indigenous groups whose cultures have been closely linked to their environment for millennia. 

Since 1997, Nature and Culture, which is based in Del Mar, has worked alongside local and indigenous peoples to protect over 20 million acres of land in Latin America, nearly the size of South Carolina. Nature and Culture’s projects are diverse – spanning multiple countries and numerous ecosystems – and they are guided first and foremost by a deep respect for local communities. 

Today, the organization boasts an incredible team of conservationists working in the countries and regions where they were born and raised. Their authentic desire to advance conservation goals alongside community members has enabled the creation of protected areas with exceptional efficiency and effectiveness – it costs a mere $3.82 per acre, on average, to maintain the protected land that the organization has created.  

As the threats to Latin America’s biological diversity reach their height over the next two decades, Nature and Culture will continue to be a forest defender and community supporter – protecting land that is essential to the well-being of not just local species and peoples, but us all. You can learn more at